Femto Easy, ultrafast instrumentation


FROG stands for Frequency-resolved Optical Gating. It is a technique for a complete characterization of ultrashort pulses, thus it can retrieve the full time-dependant electric field, and the equivalent optical spectrum with spectral phase. In other words, FROG allow you to know the duration of your pulses, but also how to deal with spectral phase to reach the shortest possible duration.

We supply two types of FROG :

  • The Fast FROG is a single-shot FROG, thus it needs one single pulse to measure the duration. Its innovative algorithm allow a real-time pulse retrieval.
  • The MS-FROG is a multi-shot FROG. It uses an optical delay line to scan the delay, and each pulse allows to know the intensity for a particular delay. It can measure pulses with energy as low as 50 pJ. The same device can measure very short pulses and longn pulses, from 5 fs to 80 ps !


FROG with real time phase retrieval

Based on Second Harmonic Generation, Fast FROG is reliable and compact. Key design features, such as the wavefront division technique and the use of our mini imaging spectrometer MISS, make the Fast FROG very easy to use and versatile while leading to accurate measurements. Six models are available, covering different pulse duration ranges from sub-5 fs to 10 ps, over a broad spectral range. Two designs are available: one for long pulses mainly relying on transmission optics, and one for ultrashort pulses which is fully achromatic.


Multi-shot FROG

MS-FROG stands for Multi-Shot Frequency Resolved Optical Gating. The MS-FROG is based on second harmonic generation, making it reliable and compact. It has been specially developed for sources with energy per pulse of less than 1 nJ. It allows the measurement of pulses from 50 fs to 40 ps in the standard version. The scan speed is so high that it allows real-time operations for measurement and optimization. The MS-FROG-LP can perform scan at 130 ps/s, making it the fastest scanning FROG on the market. Also, the MS-FROG-SP allows the measurement of both ultra-short and long pulses thanks to its dual-mode (standard mode for pulse duration >=> 50 fs and fine-scan mode for pulse < 50 fs). On top of that, our recently developed algorithm allows to extract information from each recorded spectra instantaneously, leading to real time reconstruction of your pulses! Like every products, the MS-FROG is easy to install and use.