ROC Autocorrelators

Pulse duration measurement made easy

Optical autocorrelators are used to measure pulse duration of ultra-short laser pulses. The principle is to create two copies of the laser beam of interest with a beam splitter. The copies are superimposed in a nonlinear medium (SHG crystal), where they interact generating a third beam. As the overlap of the two copies depends on the pulse duration, analysing the third beam allows to calculate the pulse duration.

Single pulses and repetitive pulses
get immediate results even on single-pulses

Easy to Align
saves up to 90% time compared to conventional autocorrelators

Pulse measurement starting at 4 fs
accurate results on femtosecond and picosecond pulses


ROC Single-Shot Autocorrelator

A single-shot autocorrelator measures both the pulse width of single pulses as well as repetitive pulses. Very compact and extremly easy to use. Only two minutes are necessary to get the measurement.

µ-ROC Single-Shot Autocorrelator

μ-ROC takes the ROC concepts to its limit for the measurement of single-shot and repetitive autocorrelation traces in the smallest housing footprint ever.

MS-ROC Multi-Shot Autocorrelator

A multi-shot autocorrelator is suitable to characterize repetitive pulses and is based on second order scanning autocorrelation principle. Measures pulses with energy as low as 50 pJ.

Discover the autocorrelator models of Femto Easy

The autocorrelators of our ROC series offer a wide variety of benefits: The ROC Single-shot accompanies you on every experimental adventure with plenty of comfort. The µ-ROC Single-Shot impresses with its ultralow compact size and high-quality workmanship and brings you directly into machines and lasers (OEM integration) thanks to innovative technology. The MS-ROC is suitable for broad pulse ranges and allows the measurement of pulses from 5 fs to 40 ps / 25 fs to 80 ps.




Model type
Use case
Single pulses and repetitive pulses
Single pulses and repetitive pulses
Repetitive pulses
Pulse duration
5 - 150 fs / 20 - 500 fs / 50 fs - 1ps /
70 fs - 3 ps / 100 fs - 5 ps / 300 fs - 10 ps

40 - 1200 fs / 20 - 500 fs /
50 - 1500 fs / 25 - 1000 fs
5 fs - 40 ps / 25 fs - 80 ps
Spatially-resolved measurementsBeam profile and pulse duration distribution over one diameterBeam profile and pulse duration distribution over one diametern/a
Spectral range (nm)
480 - 2100
700 - 900 Ti:Sa
1020 - 1080 Yb
480 - 2200
Size (mm)
H: 55
L: 56
D: 195, 233 or 265
H: 30
L: 40
D: 45
H: 222 or 326
L: 194
D: 129


The Femto Easy software has been designed to be user friendly and intuitive. This is a modern software compatible with touchscreen that can run either under Linux or Windows. It allows distant control of the devices via PC, tablet or smartphone. We can also provide custom software developments upon request.

Software ROC Autocorrelator
Software ROC Autocorrelator