Femto Easy is at the heart of technological innovation, with world-renowned and innovative products. Each new project represents a potential opportunity to push back the boundaries, meet experts of the field, learn and share know-how and skills. After a period of training in our products, each of  our employees plays a key role in the development, research and support process. This global vision, but always on a human scale, keeps us motivated, committed and, above all, passionate. Our corporate culture is based on fundamental values such as excellence, integrity and teamwork.

On a day-to-day basis, we strive to foster a positive and to stimulate a working environment, and relentlessly promote excellence at every stage of our company’s life. We are attentive to the desire to learn and develop skills, so that everyone can build an exciting and rewarding career path. Last but not least, we operate in a pleasant, green working environment to the south of Bordeaux, within easy reach of all amenities and public transport.

If this speech makes sense to you, if you’re passionate about what you do, and you’d like us to discover your talents, your personality and your aspirations, join us.

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Today, our team is made up of :

By contributing to the company’s projects, the OptoMéca technician is a key member of the production team. He/she takes charge of part of the product manufacturing process, involving the assembly of opto-mechanical systems, electrical wiring and the preparation of optical mounts. He/she is also responsible for cleaning assemblies before they enter the optical room. More broadly, he/she participates in product industrialization, and in the continuous improvement of production processes. His/her complementary skills to those of the optical technician enable him/her to ensure the success of our projects.

By joining Femto Easy, the optical production technician plays an essential role in the manufacture of our high-tech products, requiring a combination of technical skills, precision and rigor. He/she ensures quality control of optical input and carries out characterization operations on optical components. He/she glues optics, assembles and aligns temporal, spectral and spatial measurement instruments, test benches and dedicated subsystems. He/she is responsible for the quality and performance of the instruments produced. In this position, the technician works in a clean room environment, in close collaboration with the entire production team, technicians and engineers.

In this position, the Optical Production Engineer will be able to make the most of his/her technical expertise and contribute effectively to the production process and its improvement. He/she acts as a support and reference person, interacting with production technicians and the R&D department. This engineer designs, assembles and qualifies time, spectral and spatial measurement instruments, test benches and dedicated subsystems. They industrialize new products and implement technical solutions based on identified needs. They also provide support to customers. In this position, the engineer works in a clean room environment, in close collaboration with the entire production team.

At Femto Easy, we encourage creativity and initiative, enabling you to express your full potential and make a significant contribution to our projects In this position, the main tasks of the R&D Optical Engineer are to design, assemble and qualify time, spectral and spatial measurement instruments and test benches. He/she may contribute to improving existing products in line with customer requests/feedback, for which he/she provides support.

As a developer, you have the opportunity to work on innovative and stimulating projects, using the latest technologies and development methodologies. You are involved in the development of acquisition and analysis software, as well as mobile applications, embedded software and internal tools. The developer supports not only the production team, but also the R&D team, for whom he/she develops analysis and calculation software.

Working for Femto Easy as a sales engineer represents an exciting opportunity to combine a technical background with commercial negotiation skills. Sales is a key element in Femto Easy’s growth. After receiving training in our products, the sales engineer effectively presents our solutions to customers. He or she is also involved in drawing up the distribution strategy, setting up partnerships and ensuring unfailing follow-up of his or her business, in the constant objective of the company’s success. Of course, to carry out his/her mission successfully, he/she is required to travel both in France and abroad for customer visits and trade shows.

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Joining Femto Easy could be an excellent decision for your career. Feel free to explore our job opportunities and contact us.

If you don’t find anything in the list, you can also send your application including your CV and a cover letter explaining your background and aspirations to employment@femtoeasy.eu

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The working environment is very stimulating, and the high quality of the products developed and manufactured by the team is a considerable asset for me when holding sales discussions with existing and potential customers!



What I like about my job at FE is that there’s no routine. Every day is full of surprises



Femto Easy is a growing organization. I want to share in and contribute to the company’s adventure as best as I can…



The atmosphere at work is very important to me, and I find at Femto Easy a great atmosphere that makes me want to get up in the morning



I like working at Femto Easy because it’s a dynamic company at the cutting edge of its field. The products are innovative and technically very interesting, which makes for a very stimulating working environment

Recruitment process

– Each application is carefully examined. Don’t forget to attach a letter to your CV explaining your background.
If you have any references to suggest, don’t hesitate to send them to us: they will be an asset to your application.

– An initial telephone interview or meeting with Sandrine to get to know each other and understand your career aspirations.

– You’ll also receive an invitation to an online test: once you’ve completed your profile, you’ll be able to answer a few questions and discover what makes you unique, as well as all the qualities you can bring to the table.

– Then, at a second meeting, you’ll meet Antoine and Stéphane, the managers of Femto Easy.

We guarantee equal opportunities and are committed to diversity and inclusion in our company.

Want to get involved in challenging projects ? Join a team where excellence is not only expected but actively valued, and advance your career in a corporate culture built on integrity and teamwork.

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