BeamPro Laser Beam Profiler

Beam Profilers allow the measurement of the entire optical intensity profile of laser beams. They not only retrieve the beam diameter and position, but also the full spatial shape of the beam. Femto Easy offers the most comprehensive range of laser beam profilers so that any application and requirement can be covered. Starting from 1,190€ including the full software, provided with an automatic update feature, ensuring users to always have the latest version, for free, effortlessly ... and lifetime.

Available models with

  • Small pixels
  • Large area
  • Compact footprint
  • SWIR Range

Small pixel size
down to 1.40 µm

Large sensor size
up to 30 mm

up to 20 Mpx

BeamPro Software
a powerful and very user-friendly software is provided, including unique automatic update feature

Beam Profiler Portfolio by Femto Easy

Explore our Beam Profiler Models

Small pixels

Pixel size from 1.40 µm up to 3.0 µm


Large area

Beam diameters from 10 mm up to 30 mm


Compact footprint

Less than 15 mm thickness


SWIR range

Wavelength from 400 nm to 1700 nm


STAR software for all beam profilers

  • Live extraction of beam properties, even with resolutions larger than 20 Mpx
  • Several parameters and methods supported (ISO calculation included)
  • Enhanced background & hot pixels treatment for optimum dynamic and signal-to-noise ratio
  • Client / Server interface, allowing remote control through network
  • Advanced logging and permanent access to the 10 previous acquisitions
  • Live comparison with up to 10 different reference measurements
  • 1-click installation, completely configurable, export assistant