MISS Mini imaging spectrometer 

Acquire spectrally-resolved images of laser beams

MISS (Mini Imaging Spatial Spectrometer) gives access to the spatially resolved spectrum of laser beams. Thanks to its unique compactness, MISS allows vertical and horizontal spatial chirp measurements at any position of your beam path. It can easily be integrated at different stages of amplified laser systems. It can be used in free-space mode to take benefit of the spatial resolution, or conviniently with a fiber input, like a regular spectrometer.

From UV to IR
Different models from 240 to 1100 nm

High resolution
Spatial and spectral resolution

Compact footprint

Spatial chirp measurement
Horizontal and vertical

2D Beam spectrum characterization for many common types of lasers

A spectrometer allows you to know the spectrum for your laser, i.e. the intensity of each wavelength (or frequency) present in your laser. Most of spectrometers give an average spectrum, where imaging spectrometer allows you to know the spectrum at different positions along the laser beam cross-section.

Our MISS spectrometer gives you a two dimensions image, one dimension being the position in one diameter of the beam, the other is the spectrum at this position.


TypeStandard beam sizeLarge beam (L)
Input beam size (mm)6.612.7
Spectral range (nm)240 - 800 545 - 1100900 - 1090250 - 700655 - 1100360 - 1025280 - 1100
Camera resolution2046 x 1542
3 Mpx
2046 x 1542
3 Mpx
2046 x 1542
3 Mpx
2448 x 2048
5 Mpx
2448 x 2048
5 Mpx
2448 x 2048
5 Mpx
5472 x 3478
20 Mpx
Spectral sampling (nm/px)0.29
Optical spectral resolution (nm) with 10µm slit0.66 0.640.230.440.430.440.44
Max spatial resolution (μm)
Exposure time
min – max (ms)
0.024 - 1 0000.013 - 30 0000.0111 - 30 000
Shutter typeGlobalRolling
DetectionCMOS 12 Bits – 72 dB
PC InterfaceUSB 3.1
Dimensions (mm)102 x 101 x 52117 x 102 x 52
1 Due to rolling shutter, the actual minimum exposure time to properly capture the whole beam will be limited by the laser beam size (in case of single-shot measurement) or by the laser repetition rate. For single-shot measurement : the larger the beam, the longer the required minimum exposure time. Otherwise, the slower the repetition rate, the longer the required minimum exposure time.

Custom versions available on request.


Like every Femto Easy product, the MISS comes with a powerful and very user friendly software, especially designed for touch screens, in order to give you the best user experience.