Nano4th Frequency Converter

Get an off-the-shelf or custom Frequency Converter developed by a team of specialists with solid experience in the non-linear photonics industry.

Industrial-grade platform
Ultra compact, sealed, nitrogen purged

High conversion efficiency
of low-energy pulses (nJ level)

3 outputs
Wavelength change within seconds: fundamental, 2nd and 4th harmonics


Made by Experts

An ultra-compact platform converting femtosecond low-energy IR laser pulses (nJ-range) into 2nd and 4th harmonics

All-in-one design
Laser and conversion unit are combined into one single robust assembly

Alignment free
No software needed


Nano4th output1064 nm532 nm266 nm
Power2 W1 W1750 mW1170 mW
Repetition rate80 MHz80 MHz80 MHz80 MHz
Conversion efficiencyn/a> 45%> 35%> 8%
Pulse duration< 120 fs< 120 fs< 65 fs< 60 fs (estimated)
1 Laser operation mode can be switched between long/short pulse, leading to two different output power at 532 nm.
This table shows an example of typical performance for a specific laser. For a different laser type and/or different specifications, the Nano4th will be adapted by our team for best conversion efficiency.


Nano4th frequency conversion modules can be used with any laser with 1030 – 1064 wavelength, nJ energy and megahertz repetition rate. We also provide breadboards for an easier integration, for example to use with Alcor 1064 lasers from Spark Lasers.