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Beam Profiler with pixel size smaller than 3 µm

Femto Easy BeamPro beam profilers are available with the smallest pixel size for the best accuracy in measuring focused laser beams down to 10 µm or less.
They provide ISO-compliant analysis and statistics on the spatial intensity distribution of laser beams. The BeamPro software STAR uses standard communication protocols and is therefore easily integrable in any environment. Several BeamPro can be controlled from a remote screen through the network.

Small pixel size down to 1.45 µm

High Resolution up to 20 Mpx

375 – 1100 nm & 190 – 1100 nm

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User-friendly software & electronics design

BeamPro can be controlled from a remote screen through network connection.

The best choice for tightly focused beams

Selection Guide

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Optional Features

Windowless: Removal of the BeamPro sensor window to avoid potential interferences

UV extension: Increases the BeamPro wavelength range to the UV region, down to 190 nm

Additional ND filters:  The default BeamPro configuration includes one ND filter (ND4). Additional filter with different specifications can be ordered

Custom version on request: BeamPro is based on different types of cameras (resolution, pixel size, sensor material) can be customized on request

High Dynamic Range: Software mode to increase the dynamic of the BeamPro signal acquisition from 12 to 16 bits. Not compatible with pure single-shot measurement as 2 images are necessary to build one beam profile image

Vacuum compatible versions up to 10-8 mbar: Possibility to place the BeamPro and perform measurements directly inside a UHV vacuum chamber (not available for all models, please contact us for details)

Trigger: Synchronization of the BeamPro detection to an external signal for accurate laser single pulse measurement

Beam profiler software STAR

  • Live extraction of beam properties, even with resolutions larger than 20 Mpx
  • Several parameters and methods supported (ISO calculation included)
  • Enhanced background & hot pixels treatment for optimum dynamic and signal-to-noise ratio
  • Client / Server interface, allowing remote control through network
  • Advanced logging and permanent access to the 10 previous acquisitions
  • Live comparison with up to 10 different reference measurements
  • 1-click installation, completely configurable, export assistant