Beam Profiler Choice by Application

Find the perfect beam profiler for your application with our beam profiler application wizard. We recommend the best profiler system for your needs and explain features and specifications across our entire lineup of Femto Easy's beam profilers.

375 – 1100 nm & 190 – 1100 nm

High Resolution up to 24 Mpx

Small pixel size down to 1.85 µm

C-mount and SM1 (adapter included)

Small beam diameter < 30 µm-Range

Small beam diameters play a role in a variety of laser technology applications, especially in materials processing, high-resolution microscopy, and spectroscopy.

Beam diameters in the µm range are typically found wherever these optical components are used:
– optical fibers single-mode or multimode
– non-linear crystals
– µm-apertures
– High-NA lenses

Medium diameters > 30  µm – 6 mm range

Medium sized beam diameters are typically found directly at the output of most commercial laser systems sich as Yb, Ti:Sa, tunable laser systems such as OPOs, OPAs and so on.

Large diameters up to 25 mm 

Large beam diameters are typical for highly converting laser beams which can be found for example in laser diode, VCSEL systems or  applications that requires extremly broad spot sizes.

Technical Specification

Femto Easy’s BeamPro Compact profiler comes with a user-friendly and powerful software at no additional costs. Compare the technical specifications and discover your favorite model.

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