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Nano4th frequency converter

Frequency converters allows you to generate various wavelengths from your laser source. Different techniques can be used to convert frequencies, for example doubling using a non linear crystal.

Nano4th is an ultra compact platform that converts your femtosecond low-energy IR laser pulses (nJ-range) into 2nd and 4th harmonics with best-in-class conversion efficiency. Its industrial-grade design, makes it a robust and reliable solution that will extend the capabilities of your laser. The design is easily adaptable to higher pulse energies, up to μJ or mJ level.


  • Ultra compact, industrial-grade platform : sealed, nitrogen purged
  • High conversion efficiency of low-energy pulses (nJ level)
  • Wavelength change from 3 outputs, within seconds : fundamental, 2nd and 4th harmonics
  • All-in-one design. Laser and conversion unit are combined into one single robust assembly
  • Alignment free. No software needed


Nano4th output 1064 nm 532 nm 266 nm
Power 2 W 1 W 1 750 mW 1 170 mW
Repetition rate 80 MHz
Conversion efficiency n/a > 45% > 35% > 8%
Pulse duration < 120 fs < 120 fs < 65 fs < 60 fs (estimated)
Polarization vertical horizontal vertical

1 Laser operation mode can be switched between long/short pulse, leading to two different output power at 532 nm.
This table shows an example of typical performance for a specific laser. For a different laser type and/or different specifications, the Nano4th will be adapted by our team for best conversion efficiency.


You can use Nano4th frequency conversion module with any laser with 1030 - 1064 wavelength, nanojoule energy and megahertz repetition rate. We also can provide breadboards for an easier integration, for exemple to use with Alcor 1064 lasers from Spark Lasers.