Femto Easy, ultrafast instrumentation


MS-FROG stands for Multi-Shot Frequency Resolved Optical Gating. The MS-FROG is based on second harmonic generation, making it reliable and compact. It has been specially developed for sources with energy per pulse of less than 1 nJ. It allows the measurement of pulses from 50 fs to 40 ps in the standard version. The scan speed is so high that it allows real-time operations for measurement and optimization. The MS-FROG-LP can perform scan at 130 ps/s, making it the fastest scanning FROG on the market. Also, the MS-FROG-SP allows the measurement of both ultra-short and long pulses thanks to its dual-mode (standard mode for pulse duration >=> 50 fs and fine-scan mode for pulse < 50 fs). On top of that, our recently developed algorithm allows to extract information from each recorded spectra instantaneously, leading to real time reconstruction of your pulses! Like every products, the MS-FROG is easy to install and use.


  • User-friendly: no calibration and no tweaking necessary
  • Versatile: instant-swap of spectrometer for different wavelength ranges
  • Large pulse duration measurement range (from 5 fs to 80 ps)
  • High sensitivity (sub-nJ pulse)
  • User-friendly and powerful software (STAR : Software Technology for Acquisition and Retrieval)
  • Broad available spectral range
  • Fiber connector available (FC/APC, FC/PC)


Pulse duration range min 50 fs 5 fs 100 fs 25 fs
max 40 ps 40 ps 80 ps 80 ps
Fine scan mode range not applicable 5 - 50 fs not applicable 25 - 500 fs
Accessible spectral range (nm) 500 - 20001
Spectral Window Δλ (nm) From 200 to 700 1
Minimum temporal resolution 6.7 fs standard : 6.7 fs 13.4 fs standard : 13.4 fs
fine scan : 0.1 fs fine scan : 0.2 fs
Scan speed > 65 ps/s standard : > 65 ps/s > 130 ps/s standard : > 130 ps/s
fine scan : > 50 fs/s fine scan : > 500 fs/s
Input pulse repetition rate 100 Hz to GHz 2
Min input pulse energy 3 1 MHz 500 pJ 10 nJ 500 pJ 1 nJ
100 MHz 50 pJ 1 nJ 50 pJ 100 pJ
Input polarization linear vertical
Detection CMOS 12 Bits - 3 Mpx - 72 dB
PC Interface USB 3.1
Beam height (mm) 70 - 150
Dimensions (mm) 213 x 162 x 125

1 Effective spectral bandwidth to be defined within the accessible spectral range according to customer’s requirements. Additional spectrometers can be provided to address different spectral windows.

2 Low repetition rate available as an option.

3 Those values give an order of magnitude. The exact sensitivity depends on many parameters (pulse duration, beam profile, wavelength…)


Furthermore it is very user friendly, the Fast FROG software comes with an optimized retrieval algorithm, that allows you to retrieve time and spectral information in real time.
The image is a screenshot of the FROG software interface.

GigaHertz / low energy (pJ) measurement sample

FROG SEAM modelocked measurement example: 1.78 GHz rep. rate, 28 pJ per pulse, 50 mW avg. power
This is a FROG measurement performed with Fast FROG PS-700 with a low energy option and small beam option.
The measured laser was a SESAM modelocked VECSEL developed at ETH Zurich1, assembled, amplified and CEO stabilized at the University of Neuchatel2.
This was the very first measurement of a GHz rep. rate Laser with a single-shot device.