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BOAR autocorrelator

BOAR stands for Bimirror based Optical Autocorrelation with Retrieval. This new technique of ultrashort pulses characterization relies on interferometric single-shot autocorrelation and two photon absorption. The time delay is encoded into a spatial interferogram which is used to evaluate the pulse duration, the 2ω spectrum and the chirp. There is no non-linear crystal and no phase matching issues, the spectral working range is therefore very broad (1200 - 2400 nm). The BOAR is actually combining all the advantages : simple, extremely robust, accurate and reliable measurements, spatially resolved, suitable for rather chirped pulses and the retrieval is done in real time directly by Fourier transformation. Two models are available for two different temporal windows.


  • Very easy to use
  • Temporal and spectral measurement
  • Real time chirp measurement
  • No phase matching issues
  • Broad spectral range
  • Nonsensitive to polarization
  • Suitable for any rep rate
  • Single-shot up to 150 kHz
  • Sub-10 fs in the NIR
  • Achromatic and non-dispersive


BOAR models FS PS
Pulse duration range min sub-10 fs sub-10 fs
max 750 fs 1.5 ps
Temporal window 3 ps 5.5 ps
Spectral range 1200 - 2400 nm 1
Input pulse repetition rate From Hz to GHz
Single-pulse measurement up to 150 kHz laser repetition rate (with synchronization, or 75 kHz without) 2 up to 30 kHz laser repetition rate (with synchronization, or 15 kHz without) 2
Min input pulse energy 3 Single-shot 100 nJ (5 nJ with low-energy option)
1 MHz 5 nJ / 5 mW (100 pJ / 100 µW with low-energy option)
100 MHz 200 pJ / 20 mW (10 pJ / 1 mW with low-energy optio)
Input polarization any
Detection CMOS 12 Bits - 6 Mpx - 72 dB CMOS 12 Bits - 18 MPx - 72 dB
PC Interface USB 3.1
Beam height (mm) 70 - 150
Dimensions (mm) 220 x 194 x 129

1 With a single optics set. The spectral range is directly accessible and there is no need for any manipulation.

2 If the laser rep rate is higher than the single-shot capacity of the BOAR, the measurements are averaged over several shots. For example when measuring a 1 MHz laser with the BOAR FS, it is not possible to measure less than 12 pulses together. Devices with higher single-shot measurement capacity can be made upon request.

3 Those values give an order of magnitude. The exact sensitivity depends on many parameters (pulse duration, beam profile, wavelength…)


Like every Femto Easy product, the BOAR comes with a powerfull and very user friendly software, especially designed for touch screens, in order to give you the best user experience.