Femto Easy, ultrafast instrumentation

BeamPro SWIR beam profiler

The Femto Easy BeamPro takes advantage of our user-friendly software, and provides thorough analysis and statistics of your laser beam. The BeamPro software uses standard communication protocols. It is therefore easily integrable in most complex environments. Several BeamPro can be controlled from a remote screen through the network. The BeamPro SWIR is based on an InGaAs sensor and can therefore measure beams in the range 900 - 1700 nm. It has an integrated thermoelectric cooling to improve sensitivity in low illumination applications.


  • Compact design
  • User-friendly and powerful software
  • Wavelength range : 900 - 1700 nm
  • Resolution 640 x 512
  • Pixel pitch : 15 ┬Ám
  • C-mount


BeamPro SWIR
Spectral range (nm) 900 - 1700 nm
Sensor size (mm)
9.6 x 7.7
Sensor format 1"
Resolution 640 x 512
0.3 Mpx
Pixel pitch (μm) 15
Minimum beam diameter (Φ FWHM, μm) 75
Maximum acquisition frame rate (fps)1 230
Exposure time min (μs) 31
max (s) 1
Dynamic (dB) 63 / 1202
Sensor type InGaAs
Bit depth 14
PC Interface USB 3.0
Synchronization Yes3
Dimensions (mm) 46 x 46 x 57

1 Depending on the type of calculation, frame rate may vary.

2 With HDR option.

3 With Trigger option.


Option Description
Windowless Removal of the BeamPro sensor window to avoid potential interferences
Additional ND filters The default BeamPro configuration includes one ND filter. Additional ones with different specifications can be ordered
High dynamic range (120 dB) Software mode to increase the dynamic of the BeamPro signal acquisition from 14 to 16 bits. Not compatible with pure single-shot measurement as 2 images are necessary to build one beam profile image
Trigger Synchronization of the BeamPro detection to an external signal for accurate laser single pulse measurement


Like every Femto Easy product, the BeamPro comes with a powerfull and very user friendly software, especially designed for touch screens, in order to give you the best user experience.

Screenshot of the acquisition tab of the BeamPro software interface.
Screenshot of the calculation tab of the BeamPro software interface.